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Anal Sex Rules

When the couple decides to give a go to anal sex, they should follow some rules to have more pleasure and care after their health. The anal sex practice itself and thus eroticism around this part of the body come surrounded by great taboo. The fact make many people hide the practice and enlarge the difficulty rate to find sufficient information about it, speaking of which. The anus, however, has several nerve endings and is the closest erogenous zone neighbor of the genitals. But it’s still avoided by many people, when the proposal is the anal intercourse.

Millions of men and women of all sexual genders – heterosexuals, gays and bisexuals – experiment or practice one of the many ways to manipulate the anus erotically, including touches in the anal region during masturbation, intercourse or oral sex. Others enjoy the insertion of a finger in the organ, while some individuals like the sensation of a vibrator or a dildo in their anus, much as rimming otherwise known as oral-anal sex. Many people into sexual preferences don’t get on with the anal intercourse practice, due to the myth that says it hurts.

All kinds of anal stimulation, however, aren’t painful if done properly and if the person doesn’t suffer of hemorrhoids or other complications. Pain happens when the partner doesn’t relax. Stimulation, then, should be done just in proportion to the degree of receptivity. The tension can be relieved by being familiarized with the region and touching it. Some people can even respond to anal stimulation with orgasms – women probably do it through pelvic muscle contractions, while men tend to focus on the prostate. A few people reach orgasms only with anal stimulation and most individuals require direct genital stimulation to climax.

The male prostate can be stimulated by a penis, an object or a finger, directed towards the front of the body. Before trying anal sex, people must remember that the region doesn’t produce lubrication, and for this reason always requires a lubricant, preferentially water-based, which is compatible with latex. The use of a condom is obligatory, to prevent the sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) and the contact with the bacteria of the anus. To make oral sex or vaginal intercourse after anal intercourse, the condom has to be changed.